Intelligent Image Compressor

Same image quality but less file size

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What does ImgLess do?

ImgLess compresses your images to reduce their file size by keeping the quality. It reduces file size by about 70%, makes you get the best balance between quality and file size.

The supported image format is .JPG, .PNG, .GIF

Why should I use ImgLess?

Image and videos are the most data of wasting storage and bandwidth. The intelligent image compressor makes best balancing good quality and less file size, saves your hard disk space and save your website bandwidth, makes your website loading faster!

NOTE: For guaranteeing your privacy, all your uploaded images will be permanently deleted within 1 hour, and the download link will be invalid also.

How do I use ImgLess?

1. Drag and drop your images to (or click) the bannar above.

2. Wait for uploading and compressing finished.

3. Download the images compressed to your disk.